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Volition loosely means, " Power to choose."

Before there was Volition Amps, there was a passionate hobby of modifying and refurbishing guitar tube amplifiers. Then there was repairing guitars and tube amps for local businesses and creating custom tube amps for musician friends. And then... going for the gusto and living the dream, I developed Volition Amps as a company created to amplify the most ideal sound for guitarists, tube amp enthusiasts, and music lovers everywhere. I believe in the musician's power to choose to modify or amplify their equipment to reflect their ideal sound. Volition Amps is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, professional and meticulous work, and superior quality of sound on anything we say we can make rock or roll for you.

Volition Amps was created for the musician, with a tenacious dedication to molding the most ideal sound from the equipment available. I work with each customer individually to assess their needs and wants and to consult. I am an electronics technician, an electrician, and an avid guitar player. At any given time I am working on a couple projects in various capacities which I will keep updated with pictures and comments on this website. If I am working on your project, I will keep you updated with emails and phone calls from me. Get in touch with me now to see what I can do to make you sound better.

It's free to ask questions and decide what to choose, only when you know whats the best, will you know when to get ahold of... Volition Amps!

Tony Dorris

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